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Ludmila Korol

  • Small quirky painting of a girl in a hat holding an apple up to her mouth. This is a painting by Ludmila Korol in oil on canvas and shows just the head and shoulders of the girl with her elegant hand delicately holding the apple. The apple has a slice out of it and shows the pips inside. Background is green, hat is blue and hair is yellow. She has big eyes.
    "Girl with Apple"
  • Modern figurative art. Painted in in oil on canvas, this painting shows a very beautiful girl sitting nonchalantly at the table with her chin resting on her hand. There is a glass of red wine on the table and behind her, taking up half the scene are two potted orchid plants. The colours are blue and mauve.
  • Unusual painting, oil on canvas. Collage of faces and keys. The keys are ecclectic and old and scattered throughout the painting. The faces are displayed in a grid like pattern and in the top right of center is a red georgian door. There are also other doors and locks in the picture but they are smaller.
    "Red Door"
  • Modern figurative art. Painting of a girl looking aimlessly at the table. On the table are a glass of wine and bottles, a green pear and some red cherries. Abstract composition with thick brush strokes of oil and other mixed media
  • painting of a girl with long black hair blowing in the wind. Autumn leaves are floating past and in the distance is a white house on a hill, two canoes or small fishing boats, curraghs are on the shore. The girl is holding a fox and the fox is looking into the face and eyes of the young lady.
    "Nature's Child"
  • painting of a girl surrounded by blue butterflies, quirky, bright colours of blue yellow and the girl has black hair and a very tranquil smile on her face. Her eyes are shut wide open.
  • painting in modern style, portrait of a girl with cocktails and a grey hat and yellow blonde hair
    "Summer Cocktail"
  • "A Moment in Time"
  • painting in modern style, portrait of a girl with big staring eyes large pink lips, eyes are the window to the soul.Blue colours
    "The Artist"

"A Moment in Time" - Exhibition Tell Me More

Artist's Statement

"I always like to stretch my own canvases and then prime them and prepare them for the work. I try to build our relationship straight from the beginning. This gives me time to think about my next painting, dreaming of what it is going to look like, what colour I am going to focus on, what story it is going to tell, if any….. It is like you are first trying to imagine the face of your unborn child. Then it becomes all about the character – sometimes it behaves, sometimes it is naughty and doesn’t want to listen to me at all and I try to work on it and it takes a long time until the painting becomes exactly what I am looking for. There are also times when the painting takes on a life of its own and starts to sail in its own waters and there is nothing I can do about it, but let it go. Every time the process of painting is a mystery, it is a journey. Every time there is a new discovery, a new surface to dig into, and a constant travel. Sometimes colour drives me away from a form or an object, and the paintings become more about emotions and sacred feelings which can be interpreted differently by each viewer. All of my paintings are a result of my emotional involvement and personal observations of the surrounding world, the people I’ve met, and the countries I have lived in or visited. After so many years of working as an artist I feel it is only the beginning and I am always looking forward to a new day, a new challenge, a new picture to be born."

Ludmila Korol


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